Blur the line

Golfstar Games™ blurs the line between video and real world gameplay.

pro shops

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golf courses

To play and master

score cards

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Relaxing on the greens

Golf Badges
Don't Be A Weed Wacker
Get the game that rewards you for real world golf experiences.

Ever wish real golf was more like a video game? We're talking live stats, leader boards, and achievements to show your friends. Golf Badges™ adds a complete new way to experience your game play well after the round hits the record books.


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More Fun Than A Green Jacket

Our focus is two fold. First we are committed to providing you with the most accurate in-game golf data available. And second, but not least, to give credit and recognition for great game play. Golfstar Games - Experience golf greatness.™

New Ways to interact with your golf game

Ever lost a club? We have a button for that. Ever thirsty and wished you had a bat signal for the beverage cart? Yep, there is a button for that too. Our mission at Golfstar games is to add a whole new dimension to our favorite game. Connecting you directly with the pro shop is just one of many ways we make the game more enjoyable.

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